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Low Impact Cardio

Benefits of Pilates and Low Impact Cardio Routines

There are many different approaches to help you meet your low impact cardio goals. Some of them succeed, some of them fail, but few of them offer the same range of benefits as strength training in tandem with Pilates. Metabolic Training not only provides a low impact cardio routine, it is an excellent way to build and strengthen, AND it is safe for all fitness levels. You may even find that it prepares you for a return to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) which Breathe Pilates Place also offers.
People choose low impact cardio routines for a variety of reasons, including rehab and recovery from injury or surgery. When recovering from back, knee, or any type of joint injury, a low impact routine is ideal to maintain strength, support healing, and prevent further injury. Additionally, people who are new to exercise find low impact cardio to be a gentle and supportive way to develop strength. Low impact cardio routines are also recommended for those who experience age-related changes to their joints because, as the name suggests, it reduces the amount of wear and tear on our joints and the body as a whole. 

Another form of low impact exercise, Pilates matwork, helps you tighten and tone muscles, increase flexibility, and improve posture using safe, anatomically based exercises. You will look and feel better without risking injury or compromising your healing. At Breathe Pilates Place,our matwork teachers hold multiple certifications as individuals and a combined decades of experience provides Pilates instruction. They will work with you to assess your fitness, develop goals, and guide you on your path of health and wellness. 

At Breathe, we believe low impact training is for everyone. Regardless of age. Regardless of current fitness level. Regardless of experience. If you are looking for a studio that offers low impact cardio, as well as other movement options like Pilates reformer, yoga, and Metabolic Training, please contact us today. Our team is ready to help you become your best self!    

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