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Yoga For Strength Training

  Yoga for Strength Training?

When people think of Yoga, they don't immediately associate it with strength training. However, using your own body weight as resistance allows even gentle yoga to deliver great results. Best of all, you won't have lift dumbbells or worry about losing any of the relaxing benefits yoga can provide.

A typical yoga class will engage and stretch every major muscle group, including the core. Regular practice over time will result in improved strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. As you get stronger, you will also develop definition in your muscles and look and feel better in your clothes. Some styles of yoga even improve cardiovascular performance. 


If you’ve already tried yoga, you know that classes begin with centering and end with relaxation. This structure ensures that even vigorous practices create a calm, peaceful state that you take with you. If you are new to yoga, rest assured that Breathe’s experienced yoga instructors will guide you through the process of learning the best ways to move your body and meet your goals. 

Still not sure? If a search of “yoga studios near me” brought you to our website, if you are looking for small group classes with individualized attention, or if you would prefer to start with yoga private classes, please consider giving Breathe a try. We offer morning, afternoon, evening and weekend classes in a variety of styles of yoga. We also have lunchtime guided meditations to calm your mind and help you refocus.
At Breathe Pilates Place, we consider health and fitness to be integral elements to living a better life. Our team members have diverse backgrounds and extensive movement training. We are here to work with you, to support you, and to cheer for you when you meet your goals. If you are ready to find out more about a life with more energy, more focus, and more peace, then we are ready to help you find that life today.

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