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Mary Rizzo, PPIII, ACSM, CWC, brings 27 years of experience in the fitness industry to Breathe. Starting as a Jazzercize franchise owner in the early 90's, Mary found training both challenging and rewarding. She went on to create the innovative wellness approach Fitdance and a Nutrition Seminar. She holds certifications as a Certified Exercise Physiologist, Wellcoaches Certified Wellness Coach, and Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certified Instructor. Mary has also worked as a Motivational Educator and trained in Inner Healing Care.


Her well-rounded approach draws directly from her personal belief that Pilates is an intelligent exercise that transforms the body. She strives to teach her students the truth about healthy movement, eating, and living to help them renew their minds and transform their lives from the inside out. In her own words, "Teaching Pilates is an honor and privilege. It is a beautiful opportunity where I come to know the minds and hearts that are living within the brilliantly created bodies of my clients/students. I long to leave a legacy of love, leaving everyone better than I found them."

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