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Natalia Seiden comes to Breathe with a wide range of interests and experience. A swimmer since birth, Natalia has always considered physical fitness an important element of a balanced life. In addition to swimming, she holds a brown belt in Hapkido, is a certified Zumba instructor, and also competed at the National level in Roller Figure Skating. She draws from all of her movement experience as well as her ongoing training as she choreographs her Facial Movement and Mat Pilates classes. Her passion for wellness evolves directly from her personal challenges, including “significant” lung issues. As she puts it, “I understand how hard it can be to exercise due to chronic health issues as I still live with mine. Even when it is hard I NEED to move my butt. I feel better in the end, because the attempt was made.”


Natalia considers Pilates to a be a wonderful life experience because it dramatically improves lung function, creates mind-body awareness, and increases mental control. “For me, Pilates is nourishment for my mind, body, and spirit - providing me with a calmness I can’t get elsewhere.”

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