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Private Pilates Training

  Private Pilates Training at Breathe Pilates Place

Breathe Pilates Place offers Pilates private classes, by appointment, in addition to our duet and group classes. Private Pilates training may sound like a luxury, but one-on-one instruction from an experienced trainer is the best way to assess your abilities, develop a personal wellness approach, and realize your goals. Our clients choose Pilates private training for many reasons. What your private pilates training looks like will be determined by you.
If you are new to Pilates, private classes will help you learn about your body and how to safely use equipment like the Pilates reformer. Advanced Pilates practitioners can explore deeper levels and more complex movements. Private Pilates training can help you ease back into strength training if you’ve gotten off track, and it provides a flexible option for those who have crazy schedules.
Regardless of your fitness level or how experienced you are in Pilates, we can help you learn and grow within your Pilates fitness routine. If you are experienced in the art of Pilates, then you understand the balance, the centering, and the sense of control it helps create. If this is your first inquiry, please allow Breathe to introduce you and help you discover all that Pilates offers.
Whether you are interested in private or group classes, equipment or Pilates matwork, new to Pilates or well-seasoned, Breathe Pilates Place is here for you.  We understand that everyone is different, as different as our reasons for taking Pilates classes, and we want to make your Pilates experience one that is beneficial, comfortable, and fun! Contact us now and and start getting stronger, better, and happier with Pilates. 

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