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Vaccination & Mask Policy updates

7/29/2022 -  

  • Masks are still recommended and preferred to keep all safe from COVID-19 transmission.

  • Full vaccination is required at this time for all group classes.

  • Once  a staff member has checked your vaccination card, clients may choose to not wear a mask during sessions.

  • Un-vaccinated (including partial vaccination series and non-boostered) clients are required to wear a mask and may be required to attend semi-virtual sessions (teacher in another room) based upon management discretion and an individual risk assessment. Private classes for unvaccinated clients will be scheduled when space available for studio to be ventilated prior to next use and if the instructor agrees to the risk involved.

  • Breathe Instructors are required to wear masks at all times that clients are in the studio.

6/9/2021 - For the safety of all, we will continue to require masks that cover the mouth/nose/chin but re-evaluate this on a monthly basis. Garnet Garret and Amethyst Attic are now available for shared use by clients who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Amethyst Attic will have mixed use but with preference for vaccinated clients.  Sapphire Salon will remain available indefinitely for anyone wha has not yet or is not able to be vaccinated. In-person classes will be taught only by vaccinated instructors at this time. If you are ready to return to class, please contact us about the options available to help meet various needs and comfort levels. Mask exceptions may be granted in rare and individual cases during low traffic times.

4/9/2021 -  Kathleen will begin offering in person private sessions on April 10, 2021. Christine will offer in person private sessions beginning on April 26, 2021. These sessions are initially offered only to clients who are at least 2 weeks past full COVID-19 vaccination (single dose of Johnson & Johnson or 2nd dose of Pfizer or Moderna.) Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated clients are requested to only attend virtual or semi-virtual classes at this time. We will continue to expand class access at soon as it is advisable according to public health guidelines. Masks are still required at all times. 

7/21/2020 - Semi-Virtual Classes - You have your own space separate from the teacher and other clients with the same great feedback in the moment. Take a look at our video above!

Updated Waiver REQUIRED by July 1, 2020. Paperless, touch-less signature option HERE

 6/16/2020 -  Semi-virtual classes added in July, new attendance guidelines released (read more) and updated waiver to be signed prior to returning to in-studio offerings.

3/31/2020 - Did you take a virtual class? Let us know what you thought? Take our survey!


3/24/2020 - The Acuity online store has been updated with payment links for Virtual Apparatus & Private & Semi-Private sessions. They have been consolidated under Specials for your convenience. All new virtual class purchases good for 30 days.

3/22/2020 - We've updated our Online Store through Teespring! Purchases made there are shipped directly to your home and provide a small boost to Breathe Pilates Place. Happy Shopping!

3/18/2020 -

We have temporarily adjusted our class pricing to reflect the value of Virtual Classes which require you to provide your own props/facilities. Pricing updates for Virtual Class Packages can be found on our Pricing Page. Existing class packages will be redeemed for the total number of appointments they were originally purchased for or if you prefer to purchase a new package for Virtual classes the old class pass can be frozen for future use at full original value. 

We will be also be adding future Community Class options at a "Pay What You Can" Rate

Instructions for using Zoom for Virtual classes

Instructions for audio/video options in Zoom Classes

3/17/2020 -It had been my hope to spend more time testing our new virtual meeting platform and training staff in its use before implementing this change. This updated timeline means that we will need to roll out the virtual class schedule more slowly, but it will become more robust over the next few days. We are still dedicated to being a community for you to move within and learn about new things your body can do and achieve. 

If you find you need props to better enjoy our online workouts please email or call us. We do have a stock of props for sale and purchase of these items is another way you can support our small business while the doors are closed.


Your “social shares” of our classes during this closure will also go a long way towards helping us continue to offer you the classes you’ve come to enjoy in the longer term. 

This is also a great time to try out other services that we offer including health coaching, fitness assessments, postural assessments, or a private session with an instructor who you only get to work with in a group format. Chances are they can give you strategies to get even more out of your workout and to tailor it better to your goals.

Look for more information on our new class formats coming your way soon. 

Thank-you for being a part of a great and growing community of wellness and fitness that we are creating together at Breathe!

Christine and the Breathe Pilates Place Instructor Team