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A former Language Arts, Spanish, ESL, and Theater Arts teacher, Patrica Masson comes to Breathe all the way from Guayaquil, Ecuador. During her successful first career, Patrica turned to Kung fu and Qi Gong when she was 28 to overcome personal battles. She found the Ancient Chinese philosophies became important tools that helped her build concentration and discipline. At 42, she began to practice yoga in an effort to better understand her energy. It was the perfect fit. “Along with the  ancestral wisdom, the philosophy, the silence, the knowledge and the deep concepts of awareness I found that everything is connected, I embraced many truths in the practice of yoga and some of my personal dilemmas and traumas became crystal clear, so my passion for understanding and embracing others was there.”


Patricia’s Qi gong and yoga classes incorporate her deep awareness of personal growth as she helps her students evolve overcome their own challenges. She understands that emotions color our reactions and that both good and bad memories leave imprints on the body, mind, and soul. Working with the philosophy that “because laughter is the best medicine,” she hopes to create and joyful environment to nurture and facilitate transformation.  

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